Emergency Info | Gary M. Holt | Littleton and Highlands Ranch CO

Lisa S.

We had checked out several practices before we came to see Dr Holt and we really liked the energy that their office had. Hannah decided that was the place for her. It made her feel comfortable and as she had had a bad dentist experience when she was young, her being happy was very important to us. Tina was very helpful, she also helped us find a new dentist & even made the call to check out the insurance coverage for us! The front desk makes every effort to accommodate apts when a bracket needs replacing!! Hannah is looking forward to seeing her canines in the correct place and she will feel a little more confident when they are down I would definitely recommend Dr Gary Holt to anyone who is looking for a safe, happy , efficient environment for their children.

Clarissa T.

Very hardworking office! Super organized, friendly, attentive and competent. Everyone is treated very special. We are pleased to refer out. :-)

Janie C.

Dr. Holt and his staff are more than just ordinary, they are EXTRODINARY!!!! The staff from the front desk to the back office have great customer service and orthodontic skills and are always very professional. Dr. Holt is great also, very freindly, chatty and has a great sense of humor. Would highly recommend Dr. Holt to my friends and family.

Emergency Info

If you broke a bracket…

Call our office and let us know. If it is on the weekend or after office hours you can wait until normal business hours if it is not hurting. If it is irritating, causing pain or just uncomfortable then call our emergency line (303.868.4495) and leave a message. One of or staff members will return your call and either walk you through a solution or meet your at the office to fix the problem.

If something is poking…

It is most likely a wire tie that moved out from underneath your main archwire. Try looking for a small wire sticking straight-out. If you find one try using your finger to move the poky wire into a position where it does not bother you. If that does not help or you cannot see the poky wire, try using wax. If that still does not help or your not sure if something is wrong then call our office. If it is after hours call our emergency phone (303.551.5701) and leave a message. One of your staff members will return your call and guide you through a solution.

If you broke a wire…

If the wire is broken and it is not bothering you then call during normal business hours to get an appointment to get it fixed. If the wire is bothering you then try moving the wire to a position that is comfortable until you can make it in. If you cannot move the wire out of the way you can try cutting it shorter with a pair of finger nail clippers. If nothing seems to be working then call the emergency phone (303.551.5701), leave a message and one of our staff members will return your call.

If you get hit in the mouth…

Call your general dentist for any type of blunt force trauma. It is important to determine the severity of your injury before being concerned with any broken appliances.